How To Use Varun's Teleporter With Location Selector

Hello and welcome to this guide on how to use Varun’s Teleporter With Location Selector Package!

What does this Package do?

This Package allows the Player to shift between different Locations and Camera Angles and to Teleport to a selected Location with an Effect and Sound.


Once a Teleporter is activated, you can use the A and D Keys to shift between the Teleporter Locations and use Space to Teleport to a selected Location. Your Player will spawn at the selected Location with the Effect and Sound you selected in the Editor. Press E again while shifting between Locations to cancel Teleporter Mode.


Once you’ve installed the Package:

1. Add the teleporterScript to your Player Template

I recommend doing this inside a new Script Folder called Teleport (or anything you wish to name it)

2. Add the Teleport Locations and Camera Angles in your Game World


3. Add References to your Teleporter Locations and Cameras to teleporterScript

4. Call the StartListeningForTeleport() function

You can do this using a Binding or however you like!

Binding example on a Mesh:

Using startTeleporterScript: (optional)

You can use the startTeleporterScript I’ve included as an example to any Mesh. When you walk up to it, it should display a prompt that says “Press E to Teleport”. It should activate the Teleporter when you interact with it.

Thank you to Vilva, ekelrock and Slaying for their help!

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