Hub Style Portal package

Package name: Hub Style Portal
By AdamO on Discord

This package provides you with a portal exactly like the ones in the Hub, that you can add to your game and use it to teleport players to other games.

How to use

  • Import “Hub Style Portal” into your game from the Community tab
  • Drag a “Portal” template into your world
  • Drag the “UserGamePortal” script folder template onto your User template
  • On the Portal you placed in the world, configure its properties in the property window
  • The ID property defines the game this portal will send players to. You can find this ID in the URL when you select any game on
  • You’ll need to fill in the game Name, Author Name, Description and ImageURL properties. All of these can be copied and pasted from the game’s page on too

Preview your game and jump through your portal!

  • Note, travelling between games isn’t allowed in editor preview. You can check if it worked in your console, where it should say something like:
    [Server] userGamePortalScript:63 Sending user to game - 54075669-9229-417b-a9c8-0472e469d2a8
  • When you publish the game, the portal will work as expected in the published version and take players to other games


  • You can also set up the portals at runtime rather than manually defining the properties, e.g. like the Hub does, where they’re set based on the current Hub featured games
  • To do this, untick “setDetailsManually” on the portal properties, and instead call SetGame(game) on the portal, where game is a Lua table containing the game id, name, authorName, description and imageUrl fields