Hyper Light Runner

Yesterday I released my second Crayta game, a time trial obstacle course called Hyper Light Runner.

You play as a Shadow Runner and compete for the best time by navigating a bright and challenging series of dangerous rooms and hallways. It’s got a bunch of moving platforms, tricky jumps, things that flip and spin, and a whole lot of neon voxels.

Give it a run and let me know what you think :smiley:

Hyper Light Runner launch link

Hyper Light Runner


Love this game. Have to admit the side by side moving stair room is maddening.

Haha thanks. Yeah a couple of those rooms definitely get challenging but I tried to make them so that practice actually helps. I’ve found with that last stair one that sprinting while juking left and right helps a lot. (But I’ve also gone through the whole thing way more than the average player :smiley: )