I can't enter the game because of bug

Describe the bug:when i enter the game is saying connect the game and then crushes

How do you cause this bug?

  • List the steps

Screenshots / video of bug:

Which platform: PC

Which input:keyboard + mouse

Your Crayta username: Tsobas2007

Game seen in (including “Hub” or “Editor for XYZ”):Hub

How regularly do you see this? (E.g. 2/3 times - please try 3 times if possible):every time

Time + date seen:19/10/2021

Version number (found in Help tab in Settings):0.d5.9.111485

(PC only) hardware specs (upload dxdiag file if possible - Open and run DxDiag.exe):

The more information you provide, the more likely it is that this bug can be fixed quickly! Also, if this was discussed in Discord / Reddit / elsewhere, it might help to include a screenshot of that discussion!

I’m sorry to hear you’re having this issue, if the issue persists then can you use the support ticket to give us more information on the problem: Submit a request – Crayta Support