I can't play any more

Since the last Crayta update (Harrowing High), I can’t play any more.

How do you cause this bug?

I lunch the game from the EGS, the EGS window close and the Eazy ANTI-CHEAT splash screen open.
After the “INITIALISATION” and the “WAITING GAME”, Eazy ANTI-CHEAT splash screen close,
then I’m back on the EGS window! And it’s all (no bug report window)

Maybe a other thing to take in care: since this update, Crayta download take me only 8.65Go
(and only 8.36Go on the hard disk!) versus more than 20Go before.

What I allready try:

Uninstalling Crayta, the EGS, and all version of Visual C++ redist.
Cleaning temps files and registery.
Pushing Windows up to date (and .NET Framework 4.8.1)
reinstalling all last versions of Visual C++ redist.
And finaly reinstalling the EGS and Crayta, but the matter stay the same :frowning:

Which platform: PC Windows 10 x64 RAM:12Go VRAM:2Go

Which input: keyboard + mouse

Your Crayta username: Cotsz

How regularly do you see this? Every time

Time + date seen: 06.10.2022

Version number :0.h1.79.132582


There’s an update going out right now, could you check for me if you still have this issue after grabbing it please? Thanks!