I wanna be the Daigoro - A sprite-based 2D Platformer

Game Name: I wanna be the Daigoro
Genre: Challenging 2D Platformer
Share Link: Crayta

The first sprite-based 2D Platformer in Crayta. Can you make it through 30 challenging levels and defeat the 2 bosses?

This was a proof of concept for making complex canvas based games in Crayta. I used the Open Source “Tiled” Map Editor to design the levels and save them as JSON. I then wrote my own JSON parser to use that data, based on the old “Quintus” engine TMX parser. I also stored sprite animation configs in JSON. For music I used Daigoro’s “Misfire_Maestro” Midi package, while using MuseScore to optimize the Midi files.

Special Thanks
Misfire_Maestro by Daigoro - Which allowed me to import this amazing soundtrack
NUI - Splash Screen by nomaki