Image Transition

Image Transition v1.0

This package allows you to trigger an image transition with a pool of random images and tips to display during the transition.

How to install:

Find and install the “Image Transition” package.
Then simply attach the ImageTransitionUser template to your user template.

How to use:

You have 2 ways of using this package:

  • By broadcasting an event to the user.
  • By using the provided ImageTransitionTrigger

How to configure the user script:

Most properties are self explanatory and tooltips can provide more information if you need it.

  • Player input is locked by default for the duration of the transition.
  • You can choose to play a SFX during the transition. Looping sounds are best suited as they are stopped when the transition is over, but any sound can be used.
  • Images urls have to be placed in the Images container. Just click the + sign and add as many urls as you need and a random one will be chosen each time a player is transitioning.
  • Displaying tips during the transition is optional. Uncheck the Display Tips checkbox if you don’t want players to see any. You can choose a font by just typing the exact name of the font. You can also set the background color as well as the border size and color. The background will adjust its size to the text of the tip.

Triggering a transition through broadcasting an event:

You can trigger a transition by broadcasting the StartTransition event to the user script. It can either come from server or client code. It takes 3 parameters, in this order:

  • the fade in time, which is the number of seconds it takes for the image to fully appear
  • the hold time, which corresponds to the time in seconds the image will stay fully visible
  • the fade out time, which is the time in seconds it will take for the image to fully disappear

You can set fadeInTime and fadeOutTime to zero so that the image will appear and disappear instantly. So your event broadcast should look like that:
user:SendToLocal("StartTransition", 1, 3, 2) from server code or user:SendToScripts("StartTransition", 1, 3, 2) from client code. This will trigger a transition with the image taking 1 second to appear fully, then holding for 3 seconds, then a 2 seconds fade out.

Using the provided trigger template:

You can also use the provided trigger template which is the simplest way of using the package:

  • Place the Destination locator where you want the player to be after the transition has ended, or provide your own in the script property.
  • Place the LookAt locator where you want the player’s camera to look.
  • Then change the fade time values and hold time to your liking.

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