Interactable and decorative experiments

This is a package with multiple templates, low number of entities and that I have tried to have different uses, all related to the experiments.

Every template can be interacted and activated (some of them have 2-3 different buttons/triggers). I’ve tried to make it with different aesthetic but using the same colour palette, that way most of them can be combined (or parts of it).


It is really easy to install, just look for “Interactable and decorative experiments” in the community packages tab.
When you have installed, all templates will appear in the “Templates” zone. Just drag and drop wherever you want.

To activate the animations, you just need to press the Interact button (default in PC is “E”) and it will start (or do the reverse animation, for some of the templates).

"What is it for? Some usage ideas
  • Static decorative use: Deactivate the triggers and you can decorate your games easily, with just one click.
  • Interactive decorative use: For games in which you want the environment to be used, without much pretense.
  • Cinematics: Some of the animations are complex and can serve as cinematics or introductions to game events.
  • Puzzles: Mainly the templates from the “Science” category, with colors, can be used for more complex mechanics.
  • Quest: “Try to activate the engine”, “Send a package through the tubes”…
  • Tycoon games: Some work as repeatable machines, so they are interesting for some games of this type (mainly those in the “Science” and “Secret” sections).
  • Looting places: For example the refillers or the tubes.
How does it work?

All this uses a couple of custom scripts, Simple Animation, Simple Pulse and the package Mighty Animations (ofc, I’m super fanboy of this package <3) The animations, effects and sound are triggered via interaction with a trigger or a button.

It also includes a minor script to manage the inner animations of some meshes and it also prevents or blocks to fire again the event. (Thanks to @Daystiny for that!)

You can change animations, sounds and effects, it is more or less easy, but if you have any problem with it, just ask me via Discord.

Recommendations and tips

I recommend you to install to any prompt package, that way it is easier for players to see where they have to clic to activate the experiments. (The triggers are already prepared for that).

You can scale ANY of the experiments, only one thing to consider: the X and Y parameters will need to be configured a bit if you do that (the rotations will work well). But it is as simple as add more to that axis depending if you are scaling to a bigger or smaller size. You can find this numbers in the “Position” inside the settings of the moving meshes.

By default is set to Interact with the triggers/buttons but you can change that, for example if you want to make an animation with the broken turbine, you can add the starting event to OnTriggerEnter and change the camera, or call the animations from other places/actions.


There are 3 different groups of experiments: Mechanical, Science and Secret. Check the sections to see the videos.


Related to mechanical movements and more “physical” experiments, with gears, pistons or electricity.

Check the videos with activations:


Related to “mixing” things experiments, for example liquids with different colours.

Check the videos here:


Experiments that somebody don’t want you to know…

Videos here:

I hope you liked it and I will be super happy if this experiments had inspired you to create something inside your games :slight_smile: