Inventory and stash its bugged

Describe the bug:

In Ruins of Mahoora and Planet Gnosys XK-9, we use the Daigoro’s stash and inventory. It’s visually bugged. The drag and drop doesn’t work and inventory base is like filling up with more items when you adquiere. Player’s inventory has not a great problem for users, but actually stash cant be used.

How do you cause this bug?
Press R to open inventory.

And for stash you have to open the glowing chest in the main room by pressing E.

Screenshots / video of bug:

Which input: Controller / keyboard + mouse

Your Crayta username: Tumbak7

Game seen in (including “Hub” or “Editor for XYZ”): Ruins of Mahoora and Planet Gnosis

How regularly do you see this? Constantly

Time + date seen: 18:00 14/05/21