Inventory script, template position


I’m using the inventory package and I would like to know if there is any way to reposition a template of a mesh (not a stick, something bigger) while you’re carrying it on your inventory?
Let’s assume we use the adventure template when we create a new game. I would like to carry the apples but not using grip mode Carry, I would like to use any other grip modes.
Right now the apple overlaps the entire player’s hand and it does not look natural at all.

Thank you!

i changed the item template:
isCurrency checked
canStack checked

i left the grip as it didn’t matter

yes that is an option but that would make the object the other player carries invisible. I would like to make it visible at all times

i mis-read the question sorry. off-hand, i don’t see a way. i’ll use this statement. maybe one of the devs can answer with their 50lb brain.

Hmm… good question! I’ll try to find out and will get back to you.

Ok, I’m afraid it’s not really supporter by default in that package. It seems that the best approach would be a locator template with the mesh placed below the locator in the template at whatever relative position/rotation works nicely for you.

Another option is to not show ‘inventory items’ in the player’s hands unless they are holding tools such as axes etc.

Ok, thank you very much. I will try to use another approach