Is there a limit to how many people can edit together?

Hi all,

I’ve read that up to 20 people can play a game together. Is that true? And does editing a game together have the same limit?

Yeah, as mentioned in the discord it’s a limit of 20 people at once, for games it can spin up new instances for more people to play when it reaches that cap (or whatever cap the creator happened to have set, as few as 4 currently). With editing that obviously doesn’t work since you’re editing the same game so it’s currently at 20 max.

Got it, thank you. And sorry, but wanted to ask if you are absolutely sure the limit for editing is 20? Just because I need to know for an event and I’ve gotten some conflicting answers. Discord actually said playing a game was limited at 20 — but that they believe editing could be more than 20. Then a dev privately messaged me saying they believe the limit for editing is actually 12, but that they were hoping to expand to 20 in a future update.

Hmmm, that 12 might actually be right, I seem to remember that coming up now that you mention it, could I ask who it was that messaged you?

Nomaki on Discord messaged me that, but they didn’t seem too sure either.

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They’re more likely to be correct, I’ll see if I can’t find out for sure though.

ok, appreciate it !!