Item Trading

Package Name: (Vilva) Item Trading
Creator: Vilva#9953

Trade inventory items with nearby players.


Showcase link: Crayta

  • Install the Inventory package if not already done. Add the “User Inventory” template to your user template. Add the “Player Inventory View” template to your player template.
  • Install the package: (Vilva) Item Trading
  • Add the “TradingUser” template to your user template
  • Add one “TradingServer” template to your game world


The package is split into 3 components, which are described below. Each component has script properties you can adjust. Read the property tooltips to understand what they are doing.

Trading Manager

Press a hotkey to open the Trading Manager. Default is “Q” (extra2). The Trading Manager has a list of players you can trade with. By default it only shows players within a certain range to your character. Press “Request Trade” next to a player name to request a trade with that player. The Trading Manager also has a toggle to disable all incoming trade requests for when you want to focus on something.

Trading Request

The Trading Request widget only shows after another player used the Trading Manager to send you a trade request. You can either accept or deny that trade request. If you don’t interact with it the request will be automatically declined (default 20 seconds).

Trading User

After a player accepts a trade request, the Trading User widget opens for both players. The right side of the window lists the items you will give to the other player. The left side of the window lists the items you will receive in exchange from the other player. It is possible to make one-sided trades, where only one player receives items. Click on the “Cancel” button to cancel the trade for both players.

Left-Click on an item in your inventory to select it for trading and add it to the trading window. Press the arrow buttons to adjust how many of this item you want to give (quantity). Click on an item in the trading window to deselect it.

Once you are happy with the items you give and receive from the other player, both players have to click the “Trade” button at the bottom. This will mark your side in green, to show that you agree on the current conditions. If one of the items in the trade changed, both players have to click “Trade” again. Once both players agree to trade on the current conditions, the items are exchanged and the widget is closed.

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to me (Vilva#5980) in the Crayta Discord :slight_smile: