Jam dream vacation: SkyExplorer

Name EGS : Joachim Samake


Game Link: Crayta

Description :

Then dream vacation,

and if we could go up to the sky, in the clouds and find out what is up there, certainly a beautiful world, or spiritual …
is what I propose to you in this game

only the most determined tourists will be able to explore the sky from top to bottom.

the journey begins on earth in the heart of Miami Beach, slowly but surely, you will climb the ladder that goes to the heavens, if and only if you are not afraid of heights, because a fall and an accident quickly happen,

if a fall happens, you will fall into the water where Sharkie the Shark will welcome you, or on the asphalt where two cars launched by programming at 80km / h will finish you off.

but hey, smile let’s be optimistic …

you are not going to fall

are you ready to climb the sky?

to discover the mysteries hidden behind the clouds?

I know you’ve always dreamed of it.

I won’t spoil you with photos taken at the top.

my photographer almost went there to take them …

if you are a good gamer, sorry a good climber, you will manage to take this walk

bring us pictures of what you will find up there please

share it on the CRAYTA Discord #screenshots-and-clips

Hasta La Vista Comrade, rendezvous at the castle, sorry at the top.