Kach Kach [Tag / Hide & Seek]

Kack Kach


Coding : Czinczar
Design Art : LittleCreator
UI : Czinczar / LittleCreator

Kach Kach is fun and fast paced game
Two teams are competing for the victory


Kach Kach is a mix of a tag game and a hide and seek. One team (PREYS) must hide from the other one while others (SEEKERS) are hunting them.

As a PREY, run away from SEEKERS and try to hide the longer you can. Use invisibility and your speed to keep away or find a good spot to hide. If a SEEKER is near to you, you’ll be spotted with an electrical bubble. When you use your invisibility, take in consideration that your trail will still be visible.
If you wanna win as a PREY, you must survive the whole round as it.
If you get caught, you’ll join the SEEKERS team.
As a PREY you play with a third person camera.

As a SEEKER, try to spot PREYS and hunt them. When you find a PREY, you must reach it and touch it. You are slower than PREYS so use your higher jump and your abilities to trap them.
You have access to a dash ability which will give you a boost of speed for some seconds. You also can use the thermal vision to spot PREYS easier.
The FOV of the thermal vision is restricted so don’t expect to be able to run with it.
Try to follow the trail that PREYS let behind them and the electrical bubbles if you are near them. As a SEEKER you play with a first person camera.


  • Slower than Preys
  • Jump higher than Preys
  • Have thermal vision
  • Have dash ability
  • 1st Person Camera


  • Faster than Seekers
  • Have a trail that help Seekers
  • Have invisibility ability
  • 3rd Person Camera