Karst 2D Simple Scroller

Code by KarstSkarn#7993
Crayta Demo Launch Code: https://launch.crayta.com/play/q5zvhx9rCrayta
Crayta Blueprint: Karst 2D Simple Scroller Blueprint

This package allows you to make players move on a single axis simulating a 2D scroller/platformer. It is very simple to use and only requires adding the one script it comes with to the user’s template.

It makes use of motion limitation and correction in conjunction with specific orbital camera configuration to achieve this effect.

In order to work properly you need to change the player camera options.
By default the template of player should have these concrete options:

  • Camera Type: Orbit
  • Camera Distance: 1000
  • Camera Pitch: -5
  • Camera Yaw: -90
  • Camera Angle Lock: Enabled

You can change these values to your liking but keep in mind that you must use the
orbital camera!

This same code is used in Crayta’s Rendition (Rendition Forum Post) game to achieve this effect!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!