Kill Feed


  1. Add the Kill Feed template to the user
  2. For each weapon in the game, add a killFeedIconScript to the Kill Feed template
    2a. Select the weapon template in the template property
    2b. Paste an SVG element in the icon property (32x32 looks good)
    2c. Fill in the fallbackIcon property of the killFeedScript for a fallback icon. For example, you might use an icon of someone falling as the fallback
  3. call AddToKillFeed(killer, killed, weapon, crit) on the user with the killer, the killed, the weapon entity, and whether it was a crit that killed the user or not


The crit functionality doesn’t work due to a bug with OnDamage, but I’ll fix it whenever that’s fixed

SVG Elements

You can find .svg images online. Regardless of the color of the icon you receive, you can modify the HTML to get it all black/white by adding stroke=“white” fill=“white” to the root level SVG element, and removing any fill and stroke styling on the children of the SVG element.

To fix the size, set the width/height with width=“32” height=“32” on the root SVG element.

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