Kingdom Fights (Mega Jam)

Welcome to Kingdom Fights, a game made by Syl Games for the Mega Jam “Unfinished Bussines” (21/11/22 - 05/12/22).

Kingdom Fights is a real time strategy game of Tower Rush genre, every decision you make will affect the final outcome.
Do you want to be number one? Don’t waste time and defend your towers against the enemy invasion, your units will obey your orders on the battlefield and finish off all your opponents.

You should know that in Kingdom Fights wit is not everything, you also need to improve your level, for this you will have to play games that will give you gold and experience, also every time you use a unit it will gain individual experience with which you can raise its own level. This means that the more opponents you win the more you will be rewarded and the stronger you will be game by game.

Don’t waste any more time! See you in Kingdom Fights.

  • In the menu click the “Play” button and join the queue to play 1vs1 against other players.
  • In the menu you will find the option “Deck”, here you can customise your own deck.
  • In the menu click on the “Gallery” button, here you can upgrade and unlock cards.
  • In the lobby you can hang out with other players (people say the food in the mouses’ tavern is very good).

While you are in the lobby you can move with:
  • “W, A, S, D” on PC
  • “Touch Controls” on mobile or tablet

Use of chairs in the lobby:

  • Use “E” to interact with chairs on PC
  • Use the “Chair Button” to interact with the chairs on your mobile or tablet.

Open Menu:

  • Use the arcade machines to open the menu on PC or mobile
  • On mobile or tablet you can open the menu from the button on the arcade machine

On the battlefield:

  • On pc you will have to use the “Mouse”, select a card and drag the cursor to your side of the battlefield to drop the unit where you want it
  • On mobile you will have to use the “Touch Controls”, select a card and drag your finger to your side of the battlefield to drop the unit where you want it.

Note: Skills can be thrown anywhere

In the game you will be able to use Units and Abilities, depending on the level will change its appearance.





Defense Tower







Arrow Rain


Fire Ball


Kingdom Fights has been designed to be playable on both PC and mobile, but we at Syl Games have thought a lot about how mobile and tablet players can take advantage of our game with touch controls, so we've added touch screen buttons to enhance the gameplay experience for those users.

Another option that is not going to be available for the Mega Jam version is to be able to play vertically, we leave you this picture as an example (keep in mind that this is in development so it doesn’t look as it should)

  •                                 SYL GAMES
  •                            AsTiger - Game Designer 
  •                            Denior -  3D Artist
  •                            Hisokan - 3D Artist
  •                            Raidani -  2D Artist and UI 
  •                            Unairf - Lua master