KLONE: A Cyberpunk RPG

KLONE is a Cyberpunk RPG Game where you play as a cyborg living in the city of New Odyssey. Work your way to the top of the criminal ranks of New Odyssey by defeating Gangs in their own turfs, take their loot and become the richest and most feared KLONE in New Odyssey!

KLONE is Crayta’s first Multi World Tycoon Game!

The first version of the Game has 5 Locations:
Your first Apartment, with expandable Rooms that unlock new Items and content!

Downtown, the Shopping Hub of New Odyssey where you can buy new Weapons, Food, Cybernetics and sell your loot!

Ethera: The Alleyways, criminal heart of Ethera, home to The Crazyheads Gang!

The Yards: Warehouses, the place where stuff is “moved”, controlled by The Pioneers Gang!

Downtown Apartment: An unlockable Apartment in the heart of New Odyssey to expand your empire!

Created by Varun

Thank you to:


The Game wouldn’t be possible without their help :pray: :heart:

Thank you to everyone who created the Packages I used in the Game!

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