Known issue: stuck in loading screen bug!

We are aware of (and are working to address) a potential issue where players can get stuck in an infinite loading screen instead of getting to the hub.

If you end up in this situation, the best work around is to use a launch link to boot into a different game. To do this on Epic Games Store take the following steps:

  1. Run the following link to the Tumbleweed Ridge game: Crayta

  2. Click on the “PLAY ON EPIC GAMES STORE” link:

  3. When prompted by the browser, allow it to open Crayta:

  4. Epic Games Store will launch, with Crayta selected

  5. Click Launch and you will should load into Tumbleweed Ridge instead of the hub

Hello I started the game today but I had a big bug that I can not fix could you help me it is the bug of the blocked loading screen but I still do not arrive not have it settled

Thanks i hope you would help me

Hi Sky,

I’m sorry to see you are experiencing difficulties with accessing Crayta.

We are currently working to resolve this issue for our players - in the meantime, could you confirm whether the workaround posted above by Chris has allowed you to enter the game?

I downloaded Crayta through the epic games store, but when i try to open it it says “loading game” and then it says “Something went wrong! Please try again” and then it just closes, i have tried it a couple times with the same exact results