Launch Pad

A launch pad similar to those seen in classic FPS games, you can tweak the launch directions and the player should always be launched based off the relative direction of the mesh. This should make it fairly easy to drop these into your map in various orientations.


Go to the community tab and search “Launch Pad"
Install the package
Drag the LaunchPad template into a level

If you need to build a new launch pad, then you will need a trigger and set the OnTriggerEnter event to call LaunchPlayer in the launchPadScript.


There are the following properties for the launchPadScript:

launchDirection = These can be set with values of around 1000/2000 to get a good launch effect in either the X (right/left), Y (forward, backward) or Z (up/down) directions.
myTrigger = Attach the trigger you’re using here so the pad knows which one it’s looking for.
launcherEffect = Spawn an effect as your character is launched.
launcherSound = Spawn a sound as your character is launched.
effectLocator = You can attach a locator and use this as a reference to have the above effects appear at it (rather than the base entity.)


I’ve tried and it’s very cool :slight_smile: I will add it in some games. Thanks Stuart!

Would be good to see it in some games, I might do some smaller packages that have similar mechanics that can be dropped in to the gun games etc.