Let it Grow

				    -LET IT GROW- by Jebialex & Vargath
  • Build the best garden in this relaxed persistent game.
  • The plants will spawn as long and you’re playing and will keep growing even when you are away!
  • You will decide which ones to keep, which ones to take care or which ones to remove.
  • Enjoy and have fun taking care of your garden.
  • Patience is the key!


LET IT GROW v1.1 - Patch notes

Bug fixes:

  • Plants without an owner will no longer spawn in your garden.
  • Other player’s gardens will now disappear properly when they log out.
  • You won’t lose compost if you use the composter with full inventory.
  • You will now lose the tropical compost when used (oops)
  • Solved a bug with plant spawn speed: they will now spawn as intended.
  • Other bug fixes.
  • Script optimization for better performance.

Changes and additions:

  • Launchment special decoration is not available anymore.

  • Added new decorations to the shop. Added new decoration pillars to the garden.

  • Very rare and extremely rare plants can now be placed as decorations in your garden once you cut them.

  • Added a decoration protection system so they can’t be lost by Hisokan’s anxious hands.

  • General balancing: many plant spawns, grow speeds and reward berries balanced.

  • Compost names changed to match the plant types they fertilize.

  • Mother of the Garden will sell more stash chests for your garden (once the tutorial is completed).

  • Alexandra guide conversation reworked.

                        LET IT GROW v1.2 - Patch notes


  • The game will now mainly work with “Primary Button” instead of interact. This includes tools, doors, chests and NPCs.
  • You will now observe the plants using the “Secondary Button”. Removed Observe Tool from the game.
  • You will now open the encyclopedia using the “Interact Button” on any plant. Encyclopedia item turned into an awesome interactive decoration that can be read on interact.


  • For better performance. Hopefully much less lag and crashes.


  • Added 7 new plants!
  • Added a rare variant for “Apple tree” and “Echinopsis Pachanoi”. Added information to the NPC Alexandra about this new feature.


  • Made our first crossover with other creators and added a decoration from the amazing ThyrisFlare’s “Sunken City Package”. Will surely add more of her work in the future!
  • Added some other voxel-mesh decorations to the shop.
  • Added 4 more decoration pillars to the garden.
  • All fully grown plants can now be placed as decorations in your garden!
  • You can now observe all decorations using the “Secondary Button”.


  • Plants will grow a bit faster when the player is not logged on.

  • Rosemary and Sage’s initial size increased.

  • Sage maximum size slightly increased.

  • Doubled the berries given for ‘very rare’ plants.


  • Personalized all the prompts so that they match the tool you’re using.
  • Two tree locators from the saturated area on the left of the garden moved to a new planter.
  • Aquatic plant locators slightly raised so that lily pads do not spawn underwater.
  • Plant remains renamed to Bush remains.
  • Tutorial: Rosemary will accept any plant remains for her tutorial request.
  • Players won’t be able to speak to Alexandra until they finish the tutorial.

What 's coming next?

Next updates will be completely focused on script optimizing and game stabilizing. We won’t add many new features or decorations in some weeks so we can focus all our efforts in solving lag and crash issues. We are hoping to improve ingame experience very much with these upcoming optimizations.

You will have time to explore all the new stuff we just included in this version 1.2, so we wish you enjoy it. Feel free to give any feedback, we are always up to new suggestions.

And we would be glad if you want to show us your beautiful garden!

  • Jebialex & Vargath -

                        LET IT GROW v1.4 - Patch notes

NEW TOOL: Watering can

  • The watering can is located in the well. You can pick it up and leave it there again when you wish. It will have 10 water charges, but you can fill it as many times you want by going back to the well.
  • Use it to water any plant. It will get a growing bonus for 10 minutes. This bonus will be applied even if the player logs off.
  • You can also water other player’s plants! Go and help your friends with their garden!
  • A watered plant can’t be watered again in one hour.
  • You can’t use other tools while you have the watering can on your character, so make sure to leave it back in its place once you’re finished!


  • Added 22 new decorations to the vendor.
  • Added 2 decoration pillars to the garden.


  • Plants will grow slightly faster while the player is away.


  • You can now trade compost and ground nurturer for delicious berries in the new vendor Mora Zarza.
  • Stash will now show item names instead of template names.
  • Added challenges/activities.
  • Alexandra NPC’s conversation updated with all the new information.
  • Some minor bugs were solved.


  • Script optimization to ease the work of future patches. Great things are coming in the next few months!

                     LET IT GROW v2.0 - A NEW HORIZON Patch notes

  • Rosemary will now give you a quest for the first garden expansion. Complete it to get access to new vendors in the lobby and new features in your garden.
  • Finish the quest within a month and get a special event decoration. It will never be available again in the future!


  • You can now own your own house.

  • Added new decoration types: small, wall and ceiling. Small decorations can be placed in gardens and houses, wall and ceiling decorations can only be placed in houses.

  • Added 2 more vendors to the lobby. You will be able to access them after finishing Rosemary’s quest.

  • Added drawings for Rosemary and Alexandra characters, made by the amazing hands of Irene Rus. Some sketches will be added in the future to the game.


  • The Lobby has been completely reworked.
  • Changes have been made to the garden. Some plant locators have been replaced and this will be the definitive version (except for some changes that will be made to the greenhouse in the future).
  • Added 34 new garden decoration pillars, 2 of them outside of your garden, in the lobby.
  • Added 55 new decorations.
  • You can now buy 2 more stash chests.


  • Limited the number of times that ground nurturer can be used on each terrain.

  • Bird of Paradise will now need a minimum of ground nurturers to be able to spawn. Maybe Alexandra can tell you more.

  • Alexandra conversation revised and actualized.

  • Adjusted fertilizer sales prices.

  • Script optimization for better performance.

  • Some minor bugs were solved.


  • To Irene Rus for drawing the main characters of the game. Thank you for your effort and commitment.
  • To Steffi_xxii for helping us with the widgets.
  • To Vicentek, for letting us adapt a decoration from his” OE_Orchard Elements” package.
  • To LittleCreator, for letting us use some of his “Statues_Pack_LC” package.

WHAT 'S NEXT? - We are currently working on “Let it Grow v2.1”. We have plans of upgrading the game until version 2.4, with a big surprise on each update.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact us in Crayta discord!

Of course, you can also contact us if you want to show us your amazing garden!


                     LET IT GROW - Hell-o-ween event


  • Decorated both lobby and garden with Halloween theme decoration!

  • Jack o’Lanterns will grow instead of grass plants during the event. Cut them when fully grown to get a special event currency!

  • Trade the Halloween currency for any of the 20 new super scary event decorations for your house and garden!

  • Tip: Jack o’Lantern plants will NOT disappear after the event. If you want to keep some on your garden, let them grow in any place you want and don’t cut them! You can keep them forever!