Code & Design by KarstSkarn#7993
Art by JusGoat

Lidar laɪdɑ, also LIDAR , or LiDAR ; sometimes LADAR ) is a method for determining ranges by targeting an object or a surface with a laser and measuring the time for the reflected light to return to the receiver.

~ Source: Wikipedia

LiDAR is an experimental all vs. all PvP game in which you have in your possession a powerful laser rifle capable of scanning your environment!

This rifle will damage your opponents if you shoot them directly. The action is set in an arena where in most circumstances your opponents are invisible and so are you to them!

You must scan your surroundings to find them before they find you!

Various random objects may be scattered around the playing area and the best way to see them (since they are invisible) is to scan them with the laser rifle.

The winner is the one who has destroyed the most players!

Game Specifications

  • Minimum number of players is 2 and maximum is 6.
  • Supports entering in the middle of a game or exiting before the end of the game without causing problems.
  • Leaderboards and a variety of challenges are available!
  • The game is fast paced with no loading times.

Quick Guide

The objective of the game itself is very simple: It is simply a free-for-all in which the player who has defeated the most players wins.

The mechanics of the game itself are what give the game its experimental feel since at most times all players are invisible to others and you must scan them with the laser which will leave a trail of dots (measurements) colored according to height. When the laser hits a player it will cause damage! This is how you should try to eliminate them.

A good way to make sure that there is no one in an area is to sweep it with the laser.

Many times various objects will appear such as glowing stones that you can move or other types of objects that will be invisible to all players but can be scanned simply to avoid them.

But be careful! Everyone sees what everyone else scans! If someone sees a lot of measuring points appearing in an area he will be able to deduce that someone is very close!

Also in the same way you sometimes make noises (like when firing the laser rifle) that can be heard by others!

When a player is hit by a laser a purple triangle will appear and for a few seconds it will follow the player and leave a trace of which direction the player has moved.

The opening angle of the laser can be widened or narrowed to concentrate the measurement points. The narrower it is, the more dense it will be and the more damage it will do if it hits a player! Conversely, a wide laser angle is good for scanning large areas quickly.

I recommend checking the controls sheet in Crayta to make sure of the controls on your platform of choice.

Likewise on PC with a keyboard the controls to reduce or widen the laser spread are [Q] and [E].

Creator’s Note

The truth is that we have had to do a lot of tricks to make this work efficiently. Actually the maximum number of measurement points is 7000 and when that limit is reached the first points that were set are deleted every time a new one is set.

Still it is a huge amount of points that allows you to play in many ways and even give a bit of free rein to your creativity!

We hope you all have at least as much fun as we had doing it!