Lift 2


Lift 2 platforms between two points, built on cable cars example.

This is a basic two platform lift. Each platform is a cable car traveling in the opposite direction in tandem.

When either one is activated, they both travel allowing one to always be at the start and the other at the destination.


The template contains all the basic parts.


  • drag and drop the template onto the world
  • move the CableCars where they should start and stop
  • A1, B1 is the start
  • A2, B2 is the stop
  • note: A1 is opposite of B1 as is A2 of B2

Best to test this out in an open area

  • move
  • add cables as desired,
  • a platform to stand on,
  • and so on.


It does support sound using a sountasset called Travel Sound with volume and fadeInOUt on liftTrigger

Interact Prompt

The prompt data for interact is set using a script called SetInteractPromptScript on each trigger. English is the default, no language has been configured.

If an interact prompt is desired, install and configure the Crayta Prompts package or whatever interact prompt package that supports the default Crayta GetInteractPrompt(prompts) function.


These are designed in pairs. A2 and B2 are only used to visually place the stop location. They have hideScript on them that makes them hidden when the game is started. They serve no other use other than a visual representation of where to stop. Visibility and Collision are disabled by hideScript


Customize the following settings after placement to observe travel time, sound, etc.:

  • Lift Prompt
  • Travel Time
  • Lift Sound (optional - see above)
  • Fade in Out - for the lift sound
  • Start Event
    • used for door opening
    • playing sounds
  • Start Wait Time (allow time for doors to close for example)
  • Stop Event
    • like Start Events
    • close doors, etc.

note: use Lift Platform for elevators as it has two door controls vice one

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