Lift Platform


Call a lift platform between two points.

This is an upgrade to the package known as Platform Lift. It provides a better visual start and stop platform which should be easier to see the starting point and where the ending point is.

Interact Prompt / Multiplayer support is added as well.

Event support added: Doors to toggle open or closed. Needs external doorScript.


The template contains all the basic parts.


  • drag and drop the template onto the world
  • move the callBoxes to where ever you want to call the platform
    • or delete them
    • the lift will work without the callBoxes
  • move liftStart to the starting point near callBox1
  • move liftStop to the ending point near callBox2
    • liftStop is visible only in the editor
    • liftStop is hidden on game start using hideScript


It does support sound using a sountasset called Travel Sound with volume and fadeInOUt on liftTrigger

Interact Prompt

The prompt data for interact is set using a script called SetInteractPromptScript on each trigger. English is the default, no language has been configured.

If an interact prompt is desired, install and configure the Crayta Prompts package or whatever interact prompt package that supports the default Crayta GetInteractPrompt(prompts) function.


  • liftStart is where the platform starts
  • liftStop is where the platform goes on interact.


Added support for events when the lift is at

  • CallBox1 called Lower Event
  • CallBox2 called Upper Event

These events can toggle a door in this type of an example found in the game link above.


These are pre-configured on each trigger.
They do not need to be changed. Added here for reference only.

  • OnEnter is set to MonitorCallArea

  • OnExit is set to ExitTrigger

  • Callbox OnInteract is set to CallPlatform

  • liftTrigger OnInteract is set to EngageLift

MonitorCallArea ExitTrigger CallBox OnInteract liftTrigger OnInteract
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