Light effect plays in a wrong spot

I have two different voxel meshes and attache two different light effects to those meshes. However when I play those effects, these play in the same spot while in the editor they are clearly 5 meters apart.

Hmm, that’s not supposed to happen like that. What you are describing can have multiple causes, hard to say tbh. So, would it be possible to post a screenshot (of the entity properties and light effects) here on the forum?

Maybe it’s easier to help you in your game directly, I’d be happy to jump in with you. Then we can see how to get those effects in the right places😎

Hi Victor,
Happy to let you jump into the game. Let me know when is a good time for you. I am available now if you are. Otherwise we can schedule time. Posting properties will take more back and forth.

I sent you a message with my stadia handle :slight_smile:

Hi, how are you getting on with this issue? Do you need a hand at all (which admittedly might be on Monday now that we’re heading into the weekend)?