Lightup Color Step

Just wanted to let you know that you can get the package: “Lightup Color Step”, it contains Step/Tile templates (one for each color) which can light up when stepped on.

It works with the “Step ON” and the “StepOFF” Voxel Meshes, both children of the parent. Together with a triggerbox that sticks out from the top of the step, these light up the voxel mesh in your game.

The principle is simple; the regular (plastic) voxel mesh’ visibility is turned off, and the illuminated (neon) voxel mesh’ visibility turned on. Lot’s of fun when running around in circles in a otherwise bland & dark map. :wink:

You may also want to create your own custom trigger box (for other features), or change the shape of both Voxel Meshes to your liking, but the template models should suffice for basic light up .

Here are the steps to getting Lightup Color Step set up for your game:

Step 1 . Download the package “Lightup Color Step”.

Step 2 . Go to your Templates and select the template** you want.

Step 3. In (basic or advanced) Edit Mode, place as many steps as you please.

Done, you have now created colorful steps that light up when a player stands on them. Feel free to hit me up if you have feedback, suggestions or just want to send me a message (I’m on the Crayta Discord server also.)

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a demo is available now to see it in action: Play the Lightup Color Step Demo

This looks really cool!
Going to use this as a disco floor in Fedar Plaza

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So looking back today at the package then it screams for optimization. So I am looking for methods to make it perform better, make it more lightweight, easy to use etc. Anyone care to take a look and hurle their feedback my way?