List of highly recommended basic packages

This is a list of some of the best packages in the Crayta community with a link to their tutorial. It is oriented to packages which adds basic functionalities and possibilities to your games.

Bookmark this list, it will grow and it will be updated!


Basic and important but not necessarily simple.

-Mighty animations package (Mightykho): Adds the ability to move entities, in different patterns and in an easy way. You can also activate sounds and effects with it.

-Simple animation package (AdamO): Allow you to use the animations built-in to many of Crayta’s meshes in a number of ways.

-NUI - Achievements (Nomaki): Adds a flexible and easy-to-use achievements system to your game.

-NUI - XP and Leveling (Nomaki): XP and levelling system for your game.

-Damage Vignette (Cereal): Shows a red outline on the screen when you take damage.

-Fall damage (Cereal): It damages the player when you fall from a high place.

-Text adventure package (ekelrock): Build a text adventure game or make conversations with options with this package. A lot of posibilities and hightly customizable.

-Simple class system (ekelrock): A class selection package with different items, etc.

-User keypad (Russ): Keypad that allows you to toggle a 9 digit keypad on the user entity.

-Event trigger (sinjin): Possibility to fire events from OnEnter/OnCollision/OnInteract with triggers.

-SBB Challenge Trigger (Slater): Templated triggers for completing ingame challenges.

-State switcher (AdamO): Allows you to switch visibility and collision on an entity and all of its children.

-Persistent collectibles (Vilva): Add items into your game that the player can collect only once.


-Multi map game (ekelrock): This package allows you to create multiple maps/arenas within your game and cycle through them each round.

-Multiple races per world (ekelrock): Configure multiple races in a single world.

-King of the Hill game logic (ekelrock): Basic game logic for a King of the Hill style game.

-Vehicles -Drive and Fly (Daystiny): With this package you can enter inside a vehicle and drive it! (or fly with it)

-TrackWorkx package (EdC): TrackWorx is a system to create any kind of game that needs things to run on rails.

-Mighty Construction mode (Mightykho): It allows you to activate an RTS-like camera mode and place persistent structures while in it.

-Andys Stealth package (Supergoose): Stealth, alarms and security cameras to your games.


-User compass (Cereal): It provides a compass across the top of the screen to direct the user to various things.

-Curved health bar (mochi): add a healthbar that includes a curved portion to the user screen.

-Screen fade package (AdamO): Fade the screen to a color and back over time.

-Simple sign package (AdamO): UI sign which allows you to add a text box. Drag, drop and configure. You can change text, sizes, colours, fonts, alignment and more.

-Simple image package (AdamO): Add custom images to your games in an easy way.

-NUI - Location notice (Nomaki): Shows an animated on-screen notice, good for displaying location names.

-NUI - Overlay (Nomaki): Visually overlays the position of tagged entities in-world on to the users screen.

-NUI - Splash screen (Nomaki): Adds a configurable splash screen to the beginning of your game.

-Floating damage indicator (strowk): It shows damage overhead of player or entity.


-Build-A-Base Music package (Vilva): Add a playlist of Crayta music and a selector for the players.

-Sound randomizer (ephemerald): Randomize your music playlist or sounds.

-Misfire_Maestro (daigoro): A bit complex but crazily cool music package. It let’s you play your own MIDI songs in Crayta.

-Play Multiple sounds (Supergoose): Add an array of sounds and call the play function to play them all.


Camera settings, filming packages and all you need for configure it.

-Tutorial package (Russ): Show a set of tutorial screens with different cameras and text at the start of a game.

-Filming camera (AdamO): Great for screenshots and gifs.


Are you looking for a more advanced packages? This is your section!

-User Analytics package (mochi): Track user count and time to trigger events.

-LYQuaternion - LyFramework (Gamely): Support code to write more modular single scoped scripts , instead of mixes of multiple ad hoc implementation of just solved problems.

-X1 Interactive systems (TheDeveloper + Wes): The interactive system uses config scripts to execute various different actions, you can combine it with other systems to chain events together or add basic logic without code using the property events.



More packages you should check!

-Mighty Defence system (Mightykho): Contains one turret which aims and shoots.

-Mighty Lasers (Mightykho): Brings lasers and laser signal logic to Crayta. Incredible package for damaging lasers or even make puzzles!

-Controller-Keyboard (Daystiny): This package provides your game with a keyboard that can be used with a controller for input. It works similar to old mobile phone.

This is only a small list of a bunch of packages inside Crayta. There are MANY, so I hope this post only encourages you to discover more and, if you feel I miss any important package feel free to add it to your suggestions with a link in the comments below.

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