Living City - Madraver's Modular Assets

“Living City” - Madraver’s Modular Assets

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About the Package & Blueprint

In this package there is a varied selection of Buildings, Plazas and Roads to create a dense living city!
Each modular tile slots perfectly next to each other, allowing for speedy creators to build a thriving cyberpunk city in as little as 10 minutes!
Have a look through the Imgur album below to see all assets included!

How To Use

  • Download the package - “Living City - Madraver’s Modular Assets”
    (currently unavailable due to unknown package creation bug, please use the Blueprint provided)


  • Use the Create A Game page and find the “Living City - Madraver’s Modular Assets” Blueprint

  • Place assets into the world, ensuring that they line up perfectly at the edges!
    (TIP - Set your rotation snap to 90° to make placing and rotating the assets easier!)

  • Once happy with your city layout, move all relevant Voxel Meshes to be children of “CityAssetsMerge”.
    I have created a short video tutorial below to assist with this final step!

Have fun using this package! Please don’t hesitate to send me a message on Discord if you are having any issues with the package, or simply want to show off what you have made with it!

Packages used within Scene -

  • “Simple Image” by AdamO_Crayta
  • “Door” by Crayta
  • “NPC System” by Russ
  • “Simple Animation” by AdamO_Crayta
  • “Rotate And Move” by Crayta

Fantastic looking package - great work!

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