Living City Posters Pack

Package Information

Package Name: Living City Posters Pack
Package Description: Pack of 22 posters perfect for decorating your city

Package -

  • Install the package ‘Living City Posters Pack’*
  • Drag ‘Living City Poster’ template from Templates Tab into the world. Under ‘posterChoiceScript’ you will find a drop down menu where you can choose which poster you want.

poster choice 1

poster choice

  • After choosing a poster press ‘Simulate’ to see what it will look like in the game and then you can change settings like brightness or size to your liking


All posters were created by myself from in game screenshots and by applying few similar Photoshop Actions and photo bashing.
You can find URL links of all posters inside foodChoiceScript or below

Scripts posterScript , posterChoiceScript and posterWidget were created by modifying AdamO Simple Image and Food Image package

You can see them all here:

Neon City - Holographic Display Pack package by Wes was used in the showcase just to show another option of using my posters (simply install Wes’s package and use my URL links there)

or below:


Love these - really great style to them!

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Thank you