Living Skyscrapers - Living city jam

Living Skyscrapers - for a city that never sleeps.
Check out the demo world right here: Crayta
Or watch the demo video: Living Skyscrapers package (crayta build jam) - YouTube

The Living Skyscrapers package turns your static and bland background buildings into a lively scene.

How to set up
The package contains 3 template skyscrapers. These are ready to use and demonstrate the living skyscraper functionality. Simply drag a template into your world and start your game, or simulate the building to see it’s dynamic animations.

How does it work
The skyscrapers have window rows attached to them. Each window row holds 15 voxel meshes, 1 for every possible state the windows can have at any time.

The windowRowScript is attached to the rows, you can see that this script has 15 properties, one for each of the voxelmeshes / window states.

Each window row contains 15 voxelmeshes it toggles between, as illustrated in the picture above.

The properties are marked with on O for no light & X for lights. If the first window of the row is lit, then the property corresponding with that state is XOOO. Similarly, if the third window is lit then the property is OOXO. If this isn’t clear or you have questions, feel free to reply to this topic.

The script runs a schedule that decides on an interval to show or not show a lit window, and to turn on another light in the row, or turn off a light instead.

How to customize
There are many ways you can customize this package to work for your game. Duplicate a windowRow template and edit the 15 voxelmeshes to your needs. You can also attach the window row to buildings you have already made to add some life to it.

The windowRowScript is versatile, for example; you could utilize it is for other types of random state change animations, like a voxelmesh fountain that sprays in different directions.
Given that the window row has 4 start states ( window # 1, 2, 3 or 4 lit), you can draw 4 variations of the fountain water, the script will play one of the four possibilities on the same interval.


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