Lockpicking with Awards and XP system

Based on Daigoro’s brilliant “Lockpicking” package, Russ’s “Symple Xp System” and the inventory filter to consume lockpicks, combined with a chance loot system to steal all those treasures that a good lock should hide, highly recommended the installation of the official packages of notifications and prompts.

for install:
It depends in part on the official “Shop” and “Inventory” packages, I recommend installing them previously or using a blueprint where they are already configured (any adventure or rpg usually comes ready-made)

  • ->Add the “UserXp” folder to the user template
  • → Add the “Player Lockpicking” folder
  • → Drag and drop the “lockpicking_chest_template” to your world
  • And ready! oh! You will need a pick, you can find it in the templates to distribute them around the world or put it on sale in the store.

The scripts come prepared with texts for notifications and prompts, but you must install the official packages to see them!

If anyone has any questions about how to configure it to customize it and implement it in your game I will be happy to help you.