Long term future of Crayta?


I am still in my first week that I play Crayta. I will just tell you my impression so far as a kind of feedback. I discovered Crayta on Google Stadia. I liked the game Dreams on PS4 so I thought that Crayta could be an interesting game. Honestly I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed by Crayta, because it just isn’t at the technical and artistic level of Dreams. Dreams has a much better UI and far more possibilites. The only reason that I am still interested in Crayta are the relatively big awards that can be won. If I would only look for fun, I think that I would stick with Dreams, because it has a better quality. I just ask myself how Crayta wants to survive and grow. Is it the strategy of Crayta that I and other creators do the job of creating masterpieces with the tools that you provide? I am not sure if this strategy will work out.

The goal of this post is to initiate a discussion. I thought this section of the forum is almost dead with a last activity from Feb 1. I wanted to revive the forum and I want to see if this post is even read by anyone.

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Hello Honigheld,

I just came across your post and i would like to draw your attention to a key element that is in favor of Crayta, because i too have thoroughly explored a lot of “sandbox” game engines,

so the advantage of Crayta compared to others is its accessibility, its easier handling than the others (Fortnite creative, Dreams, Core)

two, i feel more immersion with the character of Crayta (alive) vs those of Core (figurine)

Now regarding the features you were talking about, i think Crayta is getting there, there they already have the remix of an existing game, today they have the scaling mesh, they are aiming for sitting abilities and others like NPC soon

So in summary if Crayta keeps its basement simple and adds functional bricks on it, it will be the best among other development platforms.

Core has all the features but the creators complain about its complexity, to do simple things there are a lot of manipulations

Dreams to make a consistent game it takes a lot of time

I think you got my idea

Take care.

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