Loot One

A loot script to generate one item with additional scripts,
to support the destruction and wobbling of entities,
interact message prompt, and a modified pickupSpawner.


  • Loot Chest
    • Requires “Open Close with Events” package dependencies
  • Loot Crate
    • uses all attached scripts
    • Inspired from Andy’s Smash Crate
  • Resource Gems
    • a default loot item for the Loot templates


  • lootScript

    • generate loot OnInteract or OnHit or OnDestroyed, etc.
    • listen for pickup and/or manage destroying of spawned loot
  • hitableScript

    • modified from AdamO adventure elements package
    • requires crayta inventory
  • wobbleScript

    • copied from AdamO adventure elements package
    • no modifications
  • pickupSpawnerScript

    • modified from inventory package
    • OnInteract and OnCollision are both able to be selected or not
    • Equip on Pickup option added to not equip Apples, etc. on pickup
  • triggerInteractableScript (included with interact prompt)

    • used to toggle trigger interactable
    • chests need this to open and close
    • trees do not

Spawned Loot

Loot Template Property Setting
pickupSpawnerScript Respawning False
Show on Init True


Trigger Box is optional to allow easier accessibility for interaction

Series of Events

  • On Interact (on trigger box)
    • Opens the chest
    • Generates the loot
  • Loot script
    • listens for pickup
      • closes the chest
      • hides the chest
    • destroys spawned loot
      • on pickup from the world
      • waits until time to live has expired to destroy
    • multiple templates can be added to loot template
      • each template has an equal chance to drop
      • dropChance is for crates that may sometimes be empty, etc.
    • use script folders for additional loot configurations
Chest Property Setting
pickupSpawnerScript Use on Collision False
Use on Interact False
Use Self as Template False
Pickup Template leave blank
Show on Init True
openCloseScript Start State Closed
lootScript Loot Template Resource Gems
Drop Chance 100
Begin Events Loot Chest / openCloseScript / setOpening
Pickup Events Loot Chest / openCloseScript / SetClosed
Loot Chest / pickupSpawnerScript / Pickup
Interactable Box / triggerInteractableScript / SetTrue
Trigger Setting
On Interact Loot Chest / lootScript / GenerateLoot
Loot Chest / triggerInteractableScript / SetFalse


Crate has a wobble, play sound, and play effect scripts.

Crate Property Setting
hitableScript On Destroyed Loot Crate / pickupSpawnerScript / HidePickup
On Destroyed Loot Crate / hitableScript / ResetHealth
On Destroyed Loot Crate / lootScript / Generate Loot
Health 600
Hitable Template (leave blank for any template to cause damage
On Hit Loot Crate / playSoundScript / PlaySound
On Hit Loot Crate / playEffectScript / PlayEffect
On Hit Loot Crate / wobbleScript / DoWobble

Interact Msg

  • used for chest and crate prompt
  • no script has the required function GetInteractPrompt(promppts)
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