Losing script changes. Can't change names of scripts using cases


Feeling completely deflated as I’ve lost so many hours of changes I’ve done to my scripts today. The first two times it happened, I just thought it was a fluke or I was working too much on it and second guessed myself that it actually happened. (Dejavu). This time, i specifically remember fixing it - getting my game into a workable status with all my errors resolved - saved, tested and logged out.

This evening, my game scripts are back to what they were before with the errors and all the stuff I deleted back in them.

When it happened the first time with what I thought was dejavu - I also did some changes to the voxel map as a relief from what I thought was losing my mind. Those changes remained in my game even though the scripts were rolled back.

Hello DryCoast,

I am very sorry to hear this, we will investigate but any additional information you could provide would be useful! Where you editing alone or was there another player in game with you? Are other changes from this edit time saved or do they also reset (i.e. voxels / meshes / properties outside of script editor)? Were you entering and leaving the preview mode before / during / after editing the script?

We have recently fixed an issue with changing names of scripts, but I don’t think these issues are linked, if you could provide an edit link to your game (or it’s name) we can have a closer look!

Thank you for the report and sorry for the inconvenience this must have caused!

Hi QA_Rob,

I did some tests for Er00 in discord where I put their name (Er00) in my comments and it was wiped out (you can probably find our conversation in the lua help from the day this report was posted). I believe this issue had something to do with renaming my scripts. I renamed them from lower case to capitals but in order to do so, I needed to append it with a number:
TestScript -> testScript2 -> testScript

Otherwise I could no change the casing. (TestScript to testScript does not work as a change) The changes were lost on two of my scripts repeatedly and I took screenshots for proof and posted them in discord.
The only way I was able to resolve this was to delete the two scripts that I was working on and recreate them under new names.

My game was not published and no one had access to my game by either sharelink or permissions (i worked alone exclusively and never invited anyone up until this point).

The strange thing is I would make changes, save it - view my changes in preview mode to confirm them (they worked) - leave the game, come back an hour later and it would be back to it’s original state. This ONLY affected the 2 scripts I was working on (i was not working on other scripts though) and the voxel changes to the area I did stayed in the game (for both of my tests) even after the scripts were reverted to old.

My game is currently not affected as I deleted the two scripts that were giving me problems and have not had any issue with the new ones.The only thing I did differently with the original two scripts that could potentially cause an issue was renaming them many times as stated above.

I was able to replicate this problem at least 4 times (two times with screenshot proof) before deleting the scripts and starting anew. Hopefully that helps track down the bug.

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Yeah I am working with Er00’s bug now, we’ll get it fixed!


Let me know if you’d like me to try to recreate the problem in a new game. I think I know the specific actions I took to cause it. Happy to help if needed, I’ve been given a lot of help in discord for lua so I’m happy to return the favor.


Don’t worry we’ve located it and it should be fixed soon!

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I just wanted to chime in here, to let you all know that this same bug just cost me 30-40 mins of work. I am glad I saw this, as I see the work around to not have this happen again. Any estimate on when the fix for this will be released?