Lost region

Game Name : Lost Region
Creators : Kay and Rosey
Crafting and Survival game with tycoon elements

Created for Crayta - $200,000 Mega Game Jam - Unfinished Business!

You are part of a civilization lost from history & time. Your sole purpose is to defeat the God Boss, Skyler.
On your journey you will explore Lost Regions, cook, farm, fish, craft many items & blueprints, unlock house decorations, survive the elements and much more in this addictive RPG.

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a life time solo or with up to 3 friends and see if you can take down the Lost Regions
and eventually enter the Boss arena to defeat Skyler.

Good luck on your travels, you will need it…

This game was created by greatly modifying U2G Tycoon Blueprint, adding few elements from FM remix and changing it, adding crafting mechanics to it and many more. Weapon icon images and buyable Templates images are custom made.

Packages used:
Melee Sci Fi weapons by Gerrasica package used as a base for our weapons
Mighty Animations by MightyKho
Mighty Defence System by MightyKho
NPC Enemies by Vilva
Dungeon Portal by Slaying
NUI leaderboard by Nomaki
Entity Health and Looting system by Varun
SimpleImage by AdamO
Sitting and lying down by SF Crayta
Shop by Slaying

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