[Low] Problem when selecting heads in character creation too fast

I love how responsive the UI is, but the head of the character does not change sometimes if you switch too fast between selection options.

Mouse and Keyboard
Gigabit fiber in waterloo, Ontario (so probably ~8ms ping to stadia tops?)
Chrome browser
Windows 10

Found the bug when switching between heads with a female character, didn’t look too much further into it.

Hi there Nick, thanks for the feedback!

Can you confirm if the head stops changing (a different head is selected in the list to the one displayed in preview) after multiple selections, or does it just take a little time to catch up?

Hi, I can confirm, it doesn’t change back. Here, I made a recording of the phenomenon https://youtu.be/Pq75qDFObxE It’s really low FPS because crappy recorder, but basically I have to click again on the “Human F” to make it change if I change it back to that too fast.

I’m thinking it might be pushed into a state where it’s loading the change, and maybe the UI is only selecting the other option, not actually triggering the “change” while the first change is already happen. Then the UI has the “Human F” selected, but since it already tried and failed to run the script it was supposed to on button_press, it might just have it highlighted or something? I have no idea but yeah.