(MAD) Environment Hazards

(MAD) Environment Hazards
By Mad-Eye#2971 on Discord

This package contains some scripts and parts for making environment traps from voxel meshes with effects and sounds.

There are three example scenes you can drag into a map to see how these might be used. All of the scripts have properties that allow them to be used for more than the examples assembled here.

In This Package

The scenes:


  • (MAD) Jungle Scene - A jungle with a quicksand pit. The player can only walk very slowly in the pit and cannot jump. They can mantle to climb out, however.
  • (MAD) Lava Scene - A rocky area with bubbling lava. The lava doesn’t just kill the player; it sets the dying player on fire.
  • (MAD) Acid Scene - A tank of deadly liquid. The player will have to lower the level of the liquid to explore the bottom of the tank.

The parts:

  • lavaHazard: This is a voxel mesh with a lava script and effects applied. It works out of the box.
  • quicksandHazard + quicksandMesh: The quickstand component. The voxels are just visual. The behaviour comes from the trigger.

The scripts:

lavaScript - Kills and ignites the player
  • Can attach a template to the player so they burn as they ragdoll.
  • Optionally can just play a sound instead. I use this for the acid.


quicksandScript - Makes an area hard to escape.
  • Place on a trigger. Players will have their movement slowed like in quicksand.


twoPositionMoverScript: Smoothly moves an entity between two positions
  • The start position is where the entity is in the editor. The end position relative and set in the properties.
  • It has a separate property for rotating an entity in a full circle because doing that with timelines causes strange behaviour (gimbal lock).


soundLoopScript - Plays a sound repeatedly after a set time.
  • This is used for the lava ambience, which doesn’t loop on its own.
  • To look any non-looping sound you need to measure how long it is.


switchInteractionScript - Allows switches that toggle on and off.
  • Supports animated meshes, but here uses events to tell another script to turn a valve.

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