Madlios 3D Minimap


Thank you for trying out / using my 3d minimap package.
The purpose of this package is to provide a simple to use minimap rendered in 3D that
you can just drag and drop into your game.


1. For quick test of the minimap package:

	a. Simply drag & drop the template <SampleMinimap> into the world.

	b. If you check the <SampleMinimap> hierarchy you will see a few other tamplates/objects:
		- <3DMinimap>: this object is the core and is responsible for rendering the whole 3d minimap
		- Several objects of type <Minimap_3DBox>: These objects defines the elements to be rendered
		  in the minimap.
		- <ThirdPersonMinimapCamera>: This is the minimap camera with its own script that allows the minimap
		  to be rendered as the player rotate/move around. 
		  Feel free to customize the camera script as you wish.

2. Some important scripts:

	a. <EntityInfo3D>: This script is attached to the elements to be rendered/displayed in the minimap.
	   It exposes several parameters for the attached objects to control Color and Depth.

	b. <MeshData_...>: These are sample Scripts that defines the polygon shapes of the elements, and must be
	   attached to the same objects that has <EntityInfo3D> scripts in order to be rendered.
	   <EntityInfo3D> will query these scripts and load the data using "InitializeMeshData" functions.
	   If you want to create your own minimap 3D mesh data, just copy from an existing
	   mesh <MeshData_...> script and add your own vertices and primitives/triangles.
	   I recommend you take a look at the <MeshData_3DBox> since it is the most simple.
	   The <MeshData_3DTeapot> is a much more complicated one expoprted from *.obj file.

Any questions please join the crayta discord and find me: madlios#1437


This is an absolutely incredible package, awesome stuff.


Added template to display players in the minimap.

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