Maestro GetCursorDirection - Helps converting screen to world space!

I released Maestro GetCursorDirection. This package contains a single script folder.
Attach that script folder to your user template.
After attaching it properly, you can use user:GetCursorDirection() which then will return a cameraPosition and rayDirection.
So it is basically like user:GetCameraLookAt().

This function is `Local Only` - on other clients/server, it will only print a message. 
The cursor position will only be updated while the cursor is enabled by one of your widgets.
The Field of View is being calculated by me, so it works with every available FOV setting (no matter if firstPerson-,thirdPerson-,ironSight or camera Fov currently applies)
The only thing to have in mind is that it won't work if the player is in action mode and looking straight up or down.
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This package is deprecated due to the release of some official API. Use user:GetCursorLookAt() instead of installing this package. Thanks :+1: