Maestro Midi [former Misfire_Maestro]

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Package name:
Maestro Midi


0. Place the maestro locator in the world. Open the Template Sound templates and select the maestro locator for the maestro property.
1. Create a script and attach it to the Meastro Locator (preferable the Midi subfolder).
2. Go to 
and convert your midi into your Crayta script (and copy paste it into the one you created)
3. Use maestro_MainScript.Midi.Find(midiName):Play() to play your midi


Watch those new sweet properties. 
Also the amount of copy paste was reduced by A LOT.
Open the resulting txt file in npp, the new updated now groups the table in lines with around 61000 characters length and all keys were dropped to minimize the amount of characters by a lot.
(as comparision: an ABBA dancing queen midi that needed 100 copy and pastes now can be imported in 2 copy and pastes!)

Frozen theme in 3 copy and pastes:

PS: I did not tweak that sound

(outdated already, now only keeps channels that actually contain notes)

if using accordion, then halve the length of that channel.
Check if your midi contains instruments that do not fit to the available set 
of sound assets and disable those if needed.

Sines may or may not work great, but you can shift the notes of a channel
 by increasing/decreasing their octaves.

The script prints how much sound entities it needs for the current song with the current settings - ignore it if you preview/release your games, 
but if you want to tweak stuff while simulating, then add enough soundTemplate entities.

Notes that do not fit the selected instrument for that channel will be played as piano (if available) or not played at all.

Switched to the new sound API, which improves the usage by a lot.
It also fixed a lot of timing issues, pooling issues and minor other issues.
Can now also preview any song in edit mode. The script itself will also show what the original channels were set to.



Funny how nobody else liked this yet, even tho it’s like the best package ever :grin:

Holy **** that is amazing!

I’m in love with this package. Dabbling in creating original music for Crayta finally!

I can’t seem to reach the midi_Craytify webpage, is the url correct?

The web page is under maintanance until end of the game jam. I released it two weeks ago for spark, but now decided it could need an update. Will focus on it after the jam.

Really? Hmm… That is unfortunate for creators who were using your package and the web page for their game jam game, like me.

Any chance you could postpone the maintenance for the gamejam, so that we can use the Misfire Maestro package / convert our midi files?

The midis that were converted earlier will keep working as long as you do not update the package.

I know it’s unpleasant, but after it was unavailable for so long, this one more week won’t matter.
Everyone can update their games after the jam.

Since it is a great opportunity for me to exceptionally benefit myself from one of my packages and also a chance to prepare a proper debut for it, i have to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your understanding.

Thx for the reply, Ya_shi_shi. Without the script converter it’s hard to manually set up the midi. But it’s ok, no worries. it’s a v awesome package imho.

Any creator desiring custom music will ultimately benefit from the package I feel. I’ll wait for it’s debut then, haha. :slight_smile:


This might be relating to something not present in the package. There is only one template and it is not a locator, but script folder. Or do you mean we need to create new locator?

This is a tad confusing as well. I cannot find such a script. There is script Maestro, where inside - it is named Maestro_MainScript, however there is no FindMidi method in there… Could there be something missing in the package?
There are only two things in it, that script and template with two script folders one of which has the script attached…