Maestro Require

I released a package called Maestro Require!
Place the Global Locator template into your world and attach the “require” script folder template to any entity you want to. When an entity has the require script attached to it, then you can use entity:require(string scriptName) to obtain a reference to that script/widget, if it is attached to the Global Locator entity.

Here is an example video:


  1. Place the Global Locator somewhere inside your world.
  2. Attach a script folder to it with a script that you want to easily access from another entity.
  3. Attach the “require” script folder to another entity.
  4. Now you can use entity:require(string scriptName) on the entity with the require script folder attached to it and obtain a reference to that script on the Global Locator entity.

Additional Info:

  • The Global Locator needs to keep the script called “Daigoro” attached to it.
  • This doesn’t use _G at all !
  • The scripts attached to Global Locator can have a function called “Initialise” defined on them, which will run the very first time the script is required (which also prevents any racing conditions compared to Init/ClientInit).
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