✅ Mantling doesn't work when close to a side wall

When trying to mantle an object, if your player is right up against another wall, the mantling doesn’t work (and sometimes stutters as though it wants to mantle but can’t quite stick). Demonstration gif here

Steps to reproduce:

  • Build a block you can mantle
  • Build a wall next to it
  • Place your character next to the wall facing slightly toward it and jump
  • Note: Moving your player slightly away from the wall fixes it

Platform: Stadia
Crayta username: ekelrock
Game seen in: Multi Map FFA (unpublished)
Time + date seen: 03/17/21 10:45AM (ish)
(PC only) hardware specs:

Very much bugged now :+1:

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This issue is fixed in the next patch! Thank you for the report!

Thanks so much! I’ve got a game ~80% done but realized this bug would make it incredibly frustrating :smiley: