[Medium] API-Docs - Navigation not functional

Current behaviour:

Being on the API docs page (https://developer.crayta.com/api-docs/) a click on the navigation scrolls down a bit to the Globals section.

Expected behaviour:

A click on navigation links jumps to an anchor of the desired section to display the wanted information. Also allowing direct linking via #anchor tag on the url.


Replace the current navigation elements with real link tags that jump to the correct anchors, set on the page.

Current way:

<span class="toc-item"><p id="buttonCamera" class="toc-text">Camera</p></span>

Should be:

<span class="toc-item"><a href="#sectionCamera" id="buttonCamera" class="toc-text">Camera</a></span>


My fault! It should be fixed and working as you’d expect it to