[Medium] Collisons not firing after entity collisionEnabled flag is reset

I created a pool system (Simple Pool in the community packages) that is in a functional although barebones state. Essentially I preload entities and disable them immediately(visible=false, collisionEnabled=false- a few other properties) and when I “spawn” the entities I re-enable them (visible=true, collisionEnabled=true, etc). After spawning my entities they will not fire OnCollision events nor will them physically collide with my player.

I’ve tried simply spawning my entities without pooling and preloading them and they mostly work fine and fire OnCollision events. I say mostly because even though they always physically collide and bounce off my player character, they sometime do not fire the OnCollision event. That’s another issue I believe. What I do know for sure is that if I disable collision and enable it then OnCollision will simply not fire. I’ve made sure my pooling system is not the issue, collisionEnabled is in fact set to true after I spawn entities.

I’ve sent this on to the code team and we’ll see what they can come up with for a fix!

I’m really sorry. The issue wasn’t Crayta… the problem was my beginner LUA skills!