Melee Accessibility

An add-on script to weapons, assigning an additional button to attack.


  • meleeAccessibilityScript
    • designed for the interact button to also trigger melee attack
    • single press to attack or hold to keep attacking supported

Melee Accessibility Script

  • add to weapon with meleeScript already on it
  • configure the additional button
Axe Property Setting
meleeAccessibilityScript Alt Melee Button interact

Loot One Tree with Crate mesh as Hitable Box

Hitable Box Setting
Visible False
Hitable Script Loot Tree (example)
On Destroy Loot Tree / pickupSpawnerScript / HidePickup
Hitable Box / hitableScript / ResetHealth
Loot Tree / lootScript / GenerateLoot
Health 600
Hitable Template Weapon Axe
On Hit Loot Tree / playSoundScript / PlaySound
Loot Tree / playEffectScript / PlayEffect
Loot Tree / wobbleScript / DoWobble
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