Melee SciFi Weapons


The Melee SciFi Weapons allows you to have different weapons to add in your game.
From sword to hammer, you will have a small arsenal designed for you.

Package Content

  • 3 SWORDS
  • 2 AXES
  • 2 STAFFS


Requires the following packages to be downloaded and installed correctly:

  • Trigger Melee


First, install the package by going to the Community tab and searching for “NPC Dialogue”. Don’t forget to install the prerequisites that are listed above.

  1. Download the pack: Melee SciFi Weapons
  2. Drag weapons

All weapons work with pickup.
All weapons are designed to work with TPS and FPS.

Notes :

Thanks to Lookwe for the SWORD package which I used as base.
You can setup the weapons as you want.
Thanks to StuartF for the presentation model for forum, I copied yours :slight_smile:
I used GOOGLE TRANSLATION, sorry for typos.

Images :

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