Merging voxelmeshes with rotations

Hi, it seems like there is an issue when i rotate a voxelmesh and merge it into another one.

I can’t explain it properly, but the rotated voxelmesh that is merged into the parent has a lot of small holes in its final form and additionally this seems to drain a lot of performance (even after the merge is finished). Using the erode tool on such voxelmeshes also make the game crash or the fps drop to ~5fps. Collision complexity easily reaches 100% compared to replicating the same result with a single voxelmesh that isn’t rotated and merged.

This will likely be because the child voxel mesh wasn’t “on the grid” when it was merged. I.e. the voxels need to match the grid for the mesh they’re being merged into. What’s happened here is that the holes have been created in the process of attempting to get the child voxels into the parents grid as best as possible.

Does that help? Essentially if a voxel mesh is rotated outside of 90 degrees you can’t really merge it into a parent without getting these results. I imagine this complexity it also the cause of the FPS drop

Yes, these are exactly the words i was searching for explaining this. I figured out that this causes the issue, but it took months before i could figure this out. Before realizing this, i always thought that Crayta can’t handle voxelmeshes that are bigger than 250³ voxels.

I think it would be useful if that grid alignment would fill the spaces more “aggressively” or the feature would automatically rotate the voxel into an angle that it can handle.

If i didn’t play ascent from Nomaki to compare it to my mountain, i wouldn’t have figured this out i think.