Mesh scaling

This feature would give the ability for game creators to “scale” (resize) objects in their game. Crayta worlds are mostly built from voxels and meshes, and these currently cannot be resized. There are several levels to scaling:

  • Meshes (allowing you to resize trees, rocks, chairs, guns)
  • Voxel meshes (allowing you to create your own voxel mesh, like a spaceship or an island, and then resize this, to create a giant spaceship, or a tiny island)
  • Templates / groups of entities (this would involve changing the size on a group of entities, that might be a template instance, like a house with windows, doors and lights, or simply matching the scale of all children of an entity to the scale of the parent)

Scaling would allow the built-in assets to be used in a much greater variety of ways. Creators could have more control over building an environment (e.g. resizing trees in a forest for more variation), or scale objects dynamically for gameplay purposes (like “pulsing” a coin pickup to highlight it).

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Would definitely like to see this for meshes. Voxels wouldn’t be so much of a requirement but the meshes, and even the effects (such as dispersion zone and maybe even concentration) like smoke, fire, leaves, butterflies etc.

This one definitely has my vote :slight_smile:

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+1 for this feature request.

I’ll add to the convo another use case:

1:1 scaling of real world locations.
Say, for example, you have the blueprint of your future house and wants to create a Crayta version of it to start decorating together with your partner.

Or maybe call friends to visit your virtual house during pandemic.