Meshes - Break up meshes to allow for more flexibility

I would like to suggest breaking up some of the meshes to allow us better control and flexibility when using them. Some of the meshes are already broken up and display as folders in the Library, a good example of this is the “BeachSign” mesh;
This mesh comes as a set, and is broken up to allow us to create our own signs with as many panels as we want;

This is not followed throughout the Library of meshes though, and breaking up the other meshes in the Library would open up so many more possibilities. I am just focusing on meshes that do not have parts that are inside each other, as these would require more work to rebuild the missing areas - this thread is just focused on meshes that are connected at tiny pivot points, and would just need a quick cover up job at the points the meshes can be separated.

I’ve also avoided any animated meshes, as breaking up an animated mesh would render the animation null and result in the animation to be wasted. Breaking up a mesh is an alternative to animating the mesh, and offloads the work to the creator. Though I believe a broken up mesh offers a lot more benefits than an animated one.

Some examples of meshes that could be broken up with minimal effort;
Automaton & Robot
This would allow us to animate and move the Automaton/Robot into new positions.

Bottles Antique
Just gives us more bottles to work with - without needing to create extra new meshes

  • 3 separate bottles

Desk Lamp (Modern Apartment) (applies to multiple lamp and light meshes)
Allow us to move and rotate the lamp into new positions and angle the head to our own needs

Door Handle (Temple)
Would allow us to animate the ring

Flight Console (Throttle) (applies to multiple meshes that have handles)
Would allow us to set our own position for the handle

Fire Extinguisher
Allow us to angle the nozzle in our own way

Flag (Applies to multiple)
Allow us to use the pole for other kitbash, but also allows us to set the point the flag is at

Allow us to open or close the mesh

  • Lid
  • Container

Security Laser Beam
Allow us to angle the emitter in any angle we want

  • Emitter
  • Base

Skeleton (Standing)
Would give us the ability to position the skeleton for our own needs

  • Skull (already exists)
  • Torso
  • Pelvis
  • Left arm
  • Right arm
  • Left leg
  • Right leg
    (Bonus ones, not as important but as a “wishlist”)
  • Upper arm (bicep)
  • Lower arm (forearms)
  • Upper leg (femur)
  • Lower leg (calf)
  • Hands
  • Feet

Just gives us more flexibility, these are just a set of duplicate meshes, so it could be replaced with a single spike

Spit-roasted Pig
(This one doesn’t follow the same pattern, as the pole the pig is skewered on would need to be rebuilt, which is more effort than the rest)
Allows us to use the pig for other meshes, as well as the other meshes like the stand and pole

Standing Mic
Allows us to set our own positions, also give us more meshes for kitbashing

Tarot Cards
Allows us to use a single card

  • Deck
  • Card

Toy Spider
Allows us to animate the spider to bring it to life

  • Cephalothorax & Head
  • Fore leg
  • Side legs
  • Hind leg
  • Abdomen

Workout Bench
Allows us to use the barbell for other things

  • Bench
  • Barbell
  • Weight

This is just a list of example meshes I believe should be minimal effort to break up, though there are a lot more meshes this could be done to. A full review would be a good idea, though this would need the art team to weigh in on level of effort required vs potential benefit to creators.


Please also break down freight containers: It would be great to have the sides removable and an openable container door. We could build so many contemporary and post apocalyptic things with it