Metal Detector Treasure Hunt

Package Name: Metal Detector Treasure Hunt
Package Description: Proximity metal detector used for finding hidden detectable items. Shovel & Example detectable included

Installation instructions

  • Install the package: Metal Detector Treasure Hunt.
  • If you want to use the built-in shovel & digging: Place the Sers_DetectableItem template in the world, and change the mesh to whatever you like. Make sure the “surfaceTrigger” is placed on the surface, with the hidden item somewhere beneath it underground.
  • Attach your own scripts to the entity with the detectableItemScript depending on the needs of your gamemode.
  • If you have your own systems, place the detectableItemScript on the mesh entity you want to track. Further optional instructions can be found inside the detectableItemScript

Using the Crayta Inventory Package

  • Add the userInventory scriptfolder to the User template and the playerInventoryView scriptfolder to the Player template.
  • In the User template → userInventory → Defaults, add two inventoryDefaultScript
  • Assign the templates Sers_Metaldetector to one of the default scripts and Sers_Shovel if you want to use the digging feature to the other

In-game usage

  • With the metal detector equipped, walk around until the green light turns on and off repeatedly, accompanied by an optional beeping sound.
  • The needle on the gauge will move further to the right the closer you get. The light flicker and the beeping also speed up.
  • Full green light means you’re right on the treasure! Use the shovel on that spot to reveal the treasure.